I had forgotten how much I love potting plants.
The roughness of dirt on my skin,
the smell of earth radiating my nostrils.
Breaking of crammed roots to make a bigger home
in a new pottered vessel. 
Transplanting to a new habitat.
Water tinkling like small rivers,
moistening the soil and providing life to the sprout of green. 
And watching it grow, grow, grow. Its tendrils reaching up to the sun.

This is an Anthurium plant that I received as a Valentine's Day gift. ^_^
It is a South American rain forest plant that loves warmth and humidity.
They are used to receiving water and indirect sunlight on a daily basis. However, they are not accustomed to standing water. They typically grow on trees. Apparently when  rain falls on them in tropical rain forests, the water immediately drips off, and does not pool around their roots. This allows their roots to receive moisture, while also receiving exposure to air.
I am fascinated by plants. I miss working at the the flower shop. Let's hope I can keep Florence alive. Wish me luck.