Shimmering fields of golden wheat,
swaying--an ocean of vegetation dancing to the beat of the wind.
Tossing, back and forth.
Textures and patterns between earth and sky.
Colours of contrast.
Her sun-kissed shoulders, making freckles of the summer apparent.
She walks joyfully. Jubilant.
A time to reminisce and have a moment of blissful solitude. 
The dust and fine powder blowing onto her browned skin,
 and stalks of gold crunching beneath her.
Her orange, tattered scarf,
fraying and unraveling in the cool, crisp wind.
A whimsical day. A turning point.
A new season and beginning.


A flavourful world of taste and colour.

I magically had this weekend off and am enjoying it immensely. No alarm clocks yelling at me to get my butt out of bed (even though I really didn't sleep much anyway) nowhere to be. No one to take care of--you get the idea. So, I relaxed tonight. Read, listened to music, made some amazing  caramel coffee with a vanilla creme' base and just sipped it from a normal mug, not my usual to go cup with the screw on lid. I took pictures, walked around the mall to people watch. Stopped at the art stores and observed whole heartily.  What I am trying to say is my life is always so much on the go, and I feel like I'm just so rushed all the time I am missing out on my young years of life and not getting to enjoy things. This weekend has been good. A breather. A time to recollect and live a little. Tomorrow I am going hiking and swimming in the rippling waves at the beach. Barbecuing and sharing laughs and stories with my family I have not seen and spent time with in awhile. I am delighted, ecstatic even. Tonight I cooked myself dinner. A quiet, at home meal of  delectably. I made a chicken alfredo fettuccine with cajun spice and green onions and diced tomatoes. I always tend to forget how much I love cooking--that warm, loving feeling that permeates my soul. Watching in wonder as the white sauce begins to bubble around the pan. The crunch the bread makes, but is soft and warm in the middle. The colourful spices that add a little life and zest to the entree. I wish I could do it every night instead of a quick sandwich or frozen dinner. But then, on the days when you can "stop and smell the roses" it makes it all the more appreciated and provides a crooked smile and a feeling of accomplishment by not doing anything at the end of the day.


Safe Haven.

 I cleaned my room today. Vacuumed up all the debris and clutter on the floor. Wiped the fine lines of dust from my bookshelf and art desk. Everything looks so much better when it is clean. I thought about my life in the same perspective while doing so. I need to get rid of all the clutter and dirt in my life. Whatever things it may be that keep me from shining bright and happy. Change is hard, but so worth it in the end. Goodnight. 



Things that made me happy today:
- A good night's rest
- Amazing coffee
- Making a lady cry tears of joy from a haircut/colour.
- A cold shower
- Truffles
- Finding the perfect gift
- Buying amazing letter writing paper
- Buying a brown-inked pen
- An unexpected phone call from a very important person (!!!!)
- My new roommate
- Puddle jumping (no, I am not too old!)
- Lightning and rain
- Writing a letter

I feel content. I feel light. I feel peace.
Feelings I have not felt in a long time.
Tomorrow may be different, but I want to make this last tonight as long as possible.

I miss my long, curly locks. *sigh*


I drove out to the old farm that I grew up at today. I just arrived home, but wanted to jot a few things down while they are still in my head. I need to carry a journal with me always. *sigh* All of my little siblings are growing up so fast...like weeds, as mum would say. Memories flood my head every time I go there. One in particular really struck me as I drove past Donovan's grave. I miss him. I miss his laugh. His sarcasm. His teasing. His smile. His hugs. He was such a unique man. My family and I loved him, and I still think of him every day. Every.Day. 
Danny showed me his "guns" or, as others may see them, a broken fishing pole and croquet stick. But to him, a machine gun and I hope I am getting this right--bazooka gun? He told me all about it, but a seven-year old babbling boy has so much to say it's hard to contain it all. ^_^ 
Leslie informed me she loved her new haircut I gave her, and is turning into such a beautiful young lady. I thought myself so much older at ten, and looked it too. She is quite the talented reader though, and I love the little books she writes.
Isaiah is almost as tall as me now! I couldn't believe it when I saw him. Pretty soon he'll be 5ft 9 in and I'll be shorter than him. He is so quiet sometimes, I often wonder what he is thinking. Probably beautiful things, and it makes me curious with wonder all the time.
Caleb still seems so gruff around the edges, but is a puddle of warmth on the inside. He reminds me so much of my dad. Even the way he laughs and talks and walks. It makes me grin.
Melissa and Ezra were gone, and I missed them. And then of course the married and engaged siblings of mine were gone also. Mum and Dad's once so big nest is dwindling. Slowly, but surely. Secretly they are probably rejoicing. ;-) 
I made dinner for them when I got out there. Twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, watermelon, and grilled chicken breast. So. Yummy. I posted some pictures down below. It was such a good time out there tonight. The hugs when I was leaving were genuine. My little brothers didn't want to let go. I felt saddened when I left. The drive home was beautiful.Lightning shot across the sky like a firework show. And now that I am home in my warm bed, it's raining outside, drenching the black earth.

corn husking (Isaiah, Leslie, and Daniel)


Leslie about to whack Isaiah


           I suggested we make corn silk mustaches. ^_^
(Leslie, Isaiah, Danny, Mum, Caleb)                                                  

Jam from our raspberries

Fresh corn on the cob