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I magically had this weekend off and am enjoying it immensely. No alarm clocks yelling at me to get my butt out of bed (even though I really didn't sleep much anyway) nowhere to be. No one to take care of--you get the idea. So, I relaxed tonight. Read, listened to music, made some amazing  caramel coffee with a vanilla creme' base and just sipped it from a normal mug, not my usual to go cup with the screw on lid. I took pictures, walked around the mall to people watch. Stopped at the art stores and observed whole heartily.  What I am trying to say is my life is always so much on the go, and I feel like I'm just so rushed all the time I am missing out on my young years of life and not getting to enjoy things. This weekend has been good. A breather. A time to recollect and live a little. Tomorrow I am going hiking and swimming in the rippling waves at the beach. Barbecuing and sharing laughs and stories with my family I have not seen and spent time with in awhile. I am delighted, ecstatic even. Tonight I cooked myself dinner. A quiet, at home meal of  delectably. I made a chicken alfredo fettuccine with cajun spice and green onions and diced tomatoes. I always tend to forget how much I love cooking--that warm, loving feeling that permeates my soul. Watching in wonder as the white sauce begins to bubble around the pan. The crunch the bread makes, but is soft and warm in the middle. The colourful spices that add a little life and zest to the entree. I wish I could do it every night instead of a quick sandwich or frozen dinner. But then, on the days when you can "stop and smell the roses" it makes it all the more appreciated and provides a crooked smile and a feeling of accomplishment by not doing anything at the end of the day.

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