Car Ride.

Memories like burnt, bitter coffee grounds
swirling at the bottom of my chipped yellow mug
clumped together as one 
heap of nothing

I sat in the passenger seat
the door wide open
my hand hitting the freezing cold, stinging air

I imagine leaving earth
with lightening in my stomach
a rip in my heart.

I've thought about running away
A month's journey
I have decent shoes,
an empty water bottle

I sit quietly next to candy wrappers,
goldfish crumbs

Songs scream to me, 
an auditorium of one. 
I jolt.

With tights and a freshly pressed dress I refocus. 
You okay, Meg? 
I smile, sadly.

Yes. This is life.

I'd break the moon out of the sky
I would steal from babes
I would carry you across the United States,
if it meant we'd go back to happiness.
Or begin to live it.

The smell of Kool-Aid hits my nostrils
A low whimper, lyrical poetry through rapid ear drums
the stereo bringing me back 
to somber feelings, longing, and victimization.

Happy New Year. 

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