If I am Dreaming, don't Wake Me Up.

The alarm goes off,
like a slow, taunting dripping faucet
and I stretched from
Adam to Eve.

Inhaled the brisk air, 
From eyes to toes it fills me,

It rushes through my lungs,
my air capacity filling

I let out a sigh,
bid my farewells to the dreams of the night
as they danced away, 

into black and white
their colours faded

into fuzz
like an old, useless 
television set--

I embraced my elbows,

hugging them like a friend
my fingers trace the pattern of the down comforter
something to heave me back into rest

I am daring, swift
loving steadfastly 

blank, empty stares, 
but seeing everything

His smile doesn't overflow 
into a cute mess

It's wide and averse, 
it's strong

I realize I am once again dreaming.

And the vines expand,

entwining though
freshly painted windows.

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