Call it a lullaby.

I can imagine.
I watch you exit the room, carefully, you choose your steps as you drift away.
I love that when you fall down, you always get back up.
You fear nothing, and listen to everything.
I love the way you blast the world.
I love the way you smile.
I love the way you take my hand and squeeze it.
Thanks for making me believe,
When I believed in no one.
Thanks for the way you see you, and even more for the way you see me.
Please don't cha-cha without me.
Let's dance in a cage? They can watch us lovers, like rare tigers.
Don't segregate me, let us be free. Free together. Soar away.
Like doves. Be my love bird, my tiger, my dance partner. Be my everything. I'll give you my all.

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