Sometimes I feel as if I don't post enough about the good days. I don't like that, because I am generally speaking, a very happy person. The harsh, jagged days that leave me disheveled always just seem to be what I vent about. It's not even on purpose, but it happens. Today, however, was superb. It is funny how one simple thing can make your day go around. How it can put a spring in your step, and keep a lighted smile on your face and glisten in your eyes. How suddenly you can not be tired because of too much joy. I had that today. Even at work. Even though someone made a complete ass of himself. It was brilliant. I felt alive. Joyous. Most jubilant. I am thankful. I feel light, lustrous, and radiant.  I may not be outshining the moon or stars, but I'm pretty damn close. For now. Even though I am stressed about money, and relationships, work, and all of the general things that go with typical LIFE, I am happy. Now I am going to drink a glass of wine, and read awhile. I like this feeling. Let's keep it around, huh?

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