The Sketchbook Project

I have been doing this project for awhile now. ALMOST DONE!!! I have 6 pages left to fill! Hopefully I can finish it sometime in the next couple weeks. I can't say how happy I am I decided to do it this year. It's taken a lot of time and effort, but has giving me something to do. It's allowed me to use my "creative juices" on those days when I am feeling extra artsy, or, have some of that stuff they call free time....or in other words, on those nights when I can't fall asleep until 4 in the morning. So, yes, I am painting when I am half asleep, but hey, better that than a haze while painting, right? ^_^ Anyhoot, here are the pieces I have finished thus far. I'd like some feedback on what you think! Thanks!


  1. These are beautiful! I love your style, keep it up! Hopefully I'll get to see it in person before you send it off!